SPOILERS: ‘Loki’ Episode 1 – ‘Glorious Purpose’

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD FOR LOKI EPISODE 1 The episode opens with Loki grabbing the Tesseract in 2012 during the events of The Avengers. He’s apprehended by Hunter B-15 and her Minutemen in Mongolia and brought to the Time Variance Agency to stand trial for his time crimes as a Variant. Eugene Cordero’s (The Mandalorian, Kong:Continue reading “SPOILERS: ‘Loki’ Episode 1 – ‘Glorious Purpose’”

Tatiana Maslany’s ‘She-Hulk’ Could Become The MCU’s Crossover Queen

Yesterday, Deadline reported that Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany (Perry Mason, Destroyer, Orphan Black) had landed the Marvel Studios role of Jennifer Walters for the upcoming superhero comedy series She-Hulk that will be exclusively on Disney+, airing possibly in 2022 given the VFX involved.  The Emmy winning actress had previously tested for major roles in RogueContinue reading “Tatiana Maslany’s ‘She-Hulk’ Could Become The MCU’s Crossover Queen”

MONDAY MARVEL ROUNDUP: ‘Secret Wars’, ‘X-Men’, ‘Hawkeye’, and ‘Spider-Man 3’

Russo Brothers Tease ‘Secret Wars’ Could Be Bigger Than ‘The Infinity Saga’ The Bro Bible was able to speak with The Russo Brothers about what could coax them to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as with another massive event like Secret Wars. Something they have teased in the past they would be interested in tacklingContinue reading “MONDAY MARVEL ROUNDUP: ‘Secret Wars’, ‘X-Men’, ‘Hawkeye’, and ‘Spider-Man 3’”