Is “Lady Loki” Really A Version Of The Enchantress?

Marvel Studios has outed Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki variant character in a new promotional poster, but some clues point towards her not actually being a true Loki variant. Sophia’s character was attributed to be Lady Loki from her original casting and was photographed in costume on set in Atlanta early in production, so fansContinue reading “Is “Lady Loki” Really A Version Of The Enchantress?”

SPOILERS: ‘Loki’ Episode 1 – ‘Glorious Purpose’

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD FOR LOKI EPISODE 1 The episode opens with Loki grabbing the Tesseract in 2012 during the events of The Avengers. He’s apprehended by Hunter B-15 and her Minutemen in Mongolia and brought to the Time Variance Agency to stand trial for his time crimes as a Variant. Eugene Cordero’s (The Mandalorian, Kong:Continue reading “SPOILERS: ‘Loki’ Episode 1 – ‘Glorious Purpose’”