‘Thunderbolts’ Is Latest MCU Film Paused Due To WGA Strike, ‘Deadpool 3’ Next?

The Writers Guild of America strike is still ongoing as a deal still hasn’t been made between writers and studios. This has led to a handful of high-profile projects pausing until the strike has been resolved. One of those recent projects was Marvel’s big “Blade” reboot starring Mahershala Ali and just last night more MCU delays were announced.

Deadline revealed that both “Thunderbolts” and the Disney+ series “Wonder Man” have been paused alongside “Blade.” This is happening as writers from “Agatha: Coven of Chaos” and “Vision Quest” have been spotted on the picket line, which suggests those projects are currently without their writing staff.

“Captain America: New World Order” has been shooting in Atlanta but doesn’t look like principal photography is going to be halted for now (that could change). Although, any reshoots or pickups are said to be only taking place until after the strike is over, which makes perfect sense as those scenes tend to be rewritten or altered during the editing process.

Deadpool 3” remains a big question mark but all signs are pointing that film is heading towards a production pause during the strike as well. There are also some rumblings from those working on the film that despite what fan sites and Twitter accounts have been claiming over the past week, “Deadpool 3” might not actually have started production and is said to begin filming sometime in June. As of this posting Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds nor Hugh Jackman have made any official announcement that filming is underway on social media accounts, which is odd as you might expect them to that given how active they are and had used social media to announce Jackman’s big return as Wolverine for the sequel. However, costume and camera tests are mostly likely what are happening at this stage ahead since cast members are only now arriving in England. It could help explain why Jackman was recently spotted in a production van with a trimmed beard but never mentioned the film.

Regardless if filming has started or not, next month is going to make shooting “Deadpool 3” even messier as the DGA deal comes to an end on June 30 and someone like guild member, Shawn Levy, isn’t expected to cross the picket line. So, it does feel like it’s only a matter of time before Marvel makes a similar announcement as they did for their other big summer productions like “Blade” and “Thunderbolts.” Given that we don’t see Marvel completing production in a month it’s not hard to imagine that “Deadpool 3” getting delayed too.


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