Renate Reinsve To Star Opposite Pedro Pascal In Zach Cregger’s New Horror Flick ‘Weapons’ At New Line

Last year, the twisty satirical horror film “Barbarian” made waves as filmmaker Zach Cregger made quite the critic and crowd pleasing film that not only provided some quality jump scares but also a decent commentary on modern society with was likely unexpected. The success of the streaming film led to a huge bidding war for his upcoming projects including a new “Magnolia” inspired horror film called “Weapons” that ultimately landed at New Line Cinema.

There is now some traction on the casting side of things with another interesting name being added to the original horror project. Earlier this week, it was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Norwegian actress Renate Reinsve (“The Worst Person In The World”) has nabbed a leading role in “Weapons” opposite Pedro Pascal (“The Last of Us”) in the new horror flick from Cregger.

Although, it’s unclear what their roles are and we’re still waiting on a more detailed plot synopsis as the only details about the film are sort of cryptic in nature. Then again, given the big twist of “Barbarian” it might be simply how they plan on keeping things secret until the film’s eventual theatrical release.

That aforementioned nod to Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1999 drama “Magnolia” is said to be more of the structure of the film as it’ll have interconnected stories taking place through the runtime, which likely means we’ll see these characters either interact at points or have some sort of connective tissue leading to the film’s climax. Whatever the actual execution or plan is for “Weapons” it certainly sounds like an ambitious endeavor on Cregger’s part.


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