Halle Berry Confirms Sofia Won’t Return For ‘John Wick 4’ & Teases A Possible Spinoff Movie

While there are a lot of returning cast members from the John Wick franchise appearing in John Wick 4, Halle Berry’s badass character Sofia won’t be reuniting with Keanu Reeves in the upcoming installment.

Berry is on the promotional rounds for her directorial debut Bruised, a Netflix sports drama seeing the actress play an MMA fighter. She revealed to IGN during an interview that while Sofia won’t be showing up in the next film, a spinoff film could be in the cards.

“There could possibly be a Sofia…her own movie. So she might not be in John Wick, but she might be doing her own thingy-thingy,” Berry told IGN.

Lionsgate has yet to announce plans for a Sofia movie and this could be a new revelation from Berry.

John Wick spinoffs are already in the works with the prequel series The Continental at Starz, and a feature film called Ballerina led by Cuban actress Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049, No Time To Die) with director Len Wiseman (Live Free r Die Hard, Underworld) behind the camera.

You might remember that during the Pierce Brosnan era of the James Bond franchise, her character Jinx from Die Another Day was supposed to land a spinoff film, but that ultimately never happened as producers focused on rebooting 007 with Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale.

John Wick 4 was recently bumped to a release date of March 24, 2023.


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