Henry Cavill Open To Playing Captain Britain For Marvel Studios

There is a huge uncertainly with actor Henry Cavill’s future in the DCEU as Superman, as while he’s still keen on the idea of returning for a Man of Steel sequel, the studio seems to be more concerned with multiple other Kryptonian cohorts.

During an extensive chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill was asked about who he might want to hypothetically play within the world of Marvel if he had the chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain seems to be of interest for him given he’s not often playing British characters.

“I’m never going to say a Marvel character that is already being played by someone else because everyone’s doing such an amazing job. However, I have the internet, and I have seen the various rumors about Captain Britain, and that would be loads of fun to do a cool, modernized version of that — like the way they modernized Captain America. There’s something fun about that, and I do love being British.”

As far as we know, there aren’t any official plans to use the Brit superhero anytime soon, however, he was briefly referenced as being part of SHIELD in the 1970s in Avengers: Endgame by Peggy Carter. It wouldn’t be terribly shocking if Braddock appeared in the upcoming Captain America 4 led by Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new Captain America.

It wouldn’t be like Marvel hasn’t teased English superheroes before.

Kit Harington is playing Dane Whitman/Black Knight in the Eternals and there could be some linkage given the Arthurian connections. Joey Chapman aka Union Jack had an Easter Egg in Iron Man 2 as one of the racers competing against Tony Stark.

With the X-Men rights firmly at Marvel Studios, they could easily bring Braddock’s team Excalibur into the mix as well and allow for his MI6 Agent sister Betsy Braddock (becomes Psylcoke when her mind inhabits a Japanese woman, Kwannon) to join the MCU too.


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