Chris Pratt Tapped To Voice ‘Garfield’ In A New Animated Film

Chris Pratt is suddenly getting a lot of studio voice acting work after headlining the Lego movies for Warner Bros. and most recently turning heads when he was cast as the voice of Mario in a Super Mario Bros. animated film at Illumination/Universal Pictures.

The actor is now reportedly set to play another iconic character, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed he’s been selected to voice Garfield in a new animated movie for Alcon Entertainment and will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

Garfield’s script was penned by Oscar nominee David Reynolds (Finding Nemo) and directed by Mark Dindal (Chicken Little), the two previously worked together on Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. He’s a sarcastic lazy orange tabby that is obsessed with lasagna, hating Mondays, and terrorizing the lovable but simple dog, Odie, by kicking him off tables.

You might remember Bill Murray voiced the cinematic version of Garfield in the live-action hybrid movies at 20th Century Fox (pre-merger), the casting was a nod to Lorenzo Music, who originally voiced the cartoon cat and also Murray’s Ghostbusters character in The Real Ghostbusters.

I’m slightly confused why Alcon didn’t simply cast Pratt’s Parks & Rec co-star Nick Offerman, who obviously is a better fit for the lazy sarcastic cat when Pratt gives off major Jon Arbuckle vibes.

Pratt is about to begin shooting James Gunn’s Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3 and is loosely attached for a sequel to The Tomorrow War, the sci-fi actioner from Christ McKay that landed at Amazon.


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