Jeff Nichols Bails On ‘A Quiet Place’ Spinoff Movie To Focus On Another Sci-Fi Project At Paramount

Director Jeff Nicholas (Mud, Midnight Special) has been trying to help studios get IP film projects off-the-ground with his longtime gestating remake of the James Caan-led sci-fi buddy cop action flick Alien Nation for 20th Century Studios before Disney bought them, he since has been trying to convince them to pick up a television incarnation (the original film spawned a TV show) after they passed on the movie.

He then moved on to Paramount Pictures and was assigned to write/direct a third film in the A Quiet Place franchise, the project being described more of a spinoff than a direct sequel to the last one. However, according to Deadline, he’s exiting that one too.

The report says he’ll instead focus on his other sci-fi project at Paramount that was first announced over the summer without any clear plot details or a synopsis. Exiting the spinoff on good terms and the studio is now seeking a replacement.

Hopefully, Nicholas is able to actually make a movie soon because it’s starting to get weird seeing him struggle to get projects made when he’s so talented.


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