Zack Snyder’s ‘Army Of The Dead’ Sequel Is Titled ‘Planet Of The Dead’

Director Zack Snyder after exiting the DCEU has made a brand new creative home at Netflix with his films Army of The Dead and Army of Thieves (produced by Snyder), the next big project at Netflix is Rebel Moon. It’s a sci-fi action film based on his old Star Wars pitch that would have been inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.

Netflix is keen on continuing the zombie franchise as well, as Snyder is attached to helm a sequel to Army of The Dead. He’s now confirmed to Inverse in an interview that it will be titled Planet of The Dead and alludes to Dieter potentially surviving the events of the last film.

“But the real adventure would be to see what happened to him when that safe door closed. Did he get killed by Zeus or not? What happened? We don’t see him die on camera, and there’s still some time left. I won’t tell you what happens in Army of the Dead 2 — aka Planet of the Dead — but let’s just say that there’s a chance Dieter survives. And there’s a chance that brush with death would have caused him to want to find a jailed Gwendoline.”

It’s interesting that the title refers to a “planet” as there is an alien aspect with Area 51 and the origins of the zombies expected to be non-Earthbound. Could the film go off-world or will the zombies simply overrun the entire plant? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The filmmaker also gave a brief update on Rebel Moon.

“We’re just plugging away. It’s so huge and so crazy but really exciting, and I’m super excited as we get closer to sharing some art and casting because it’s all starting to come together.”


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