Quentin Tarantino Teases Comedic Spaghetti Western Project That Features A German Sheriff

While Quentin Tarantino is busy writing his second book and trying to get his Bounty Law series made, a spinoff of hit film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, focusing on the Rick Dalton western show. He’s again musing about tackling Kill Bill 3, something he’s been talking about for ages but remains to be seen if it’ll actually be his final feature film (will retire after directing ten films).

While in Italy Tarantino is teasing a new idea.

“But first I want to make a comedy,” the filmmaker told Italian broadcaster Fabio Fazio (via Variety) that he’s got a comedy project he wants to do. However, it’s unclear if this is a project meant for film or television.

Speaking further with Rome Film Festival chief Antonio Monda, Quentin Tarantino teased about a Spaghetti Western (Italian-made western film) that sounds like that might have a role waiting for two-time Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained).

“It’s not like my next movie. It’s a piece of something else that I’m thinking about doing — and I’m not going to describe what it is. But part of this thing, there is supposed to be a Spaghetti Western in it. I’m looking forward to shooting that [thing] because it’s going to be really fun. Because I want to shoot it in the Spaghetti Western style where everybody’s speaking a different language.”

“The Mexican Bandido is an Italian; the hero is an American; the bad sheriff is a German; the Mexican saloon girl is Israeli. And everybody is speaking a different language. And you [the actors] just know: OK, when he’s finished talking then I can talk.”

It’s unclear if he’s referring to the Bounty Law project potentially covering Rick Dalton’s faux Spaghetti Western films from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood such as Nebraska Jim directed by Sergio Corbuuci and Kill Me Now Ringo, Said the Gringo.

Both got mock-up posters for the film’s release.

Corbucci is a very real Italian director who helmed Django, The Great Silence, Navajo Joe, Minnesota Clay (referenced with the salon in Django Unchained), The Mercenary, The Specialists, and Ringo & His Golden Pistol. A filmmaker that obviously influenced his love of the genre alongside Sergio Leone.

However, it’s been assumed that Bounty Law would be more like giving us episodes of the show rather than a continuation of Dalton’s acting career. This might suggest that this germ of an idea might be something completely different altogether.


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