‘Werewolf By Night’ Project Rumor At Marvel Studios Resurfaces

Back in 2019, the folks over at Geeks Worldwide posted a rumor that Marvel Studios was looking at giving Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night his own spinoff after appearing in an upcoming project. It’s now 2021, and it looks like there might be some new information that supports that original rumor.

The Ronin first revealed the Marvel Studios LLC Natural History Productions back in May and updated last month that the project would indeed be a Disney+ series aiming for a February 2022 production start in Atlanta.

It looks like the two separate tidbits of information were related as The Cosmic Circus, seemingly has acquired a production grid that links Werewolf By Night to Natural History, along with mentioning the working title Buzz Cut (previously attributed to James Gunn’s Guardians of The Galaxy projects by Production Weekly).

I guess we’ll have to wait for official confirmation but Kevin Smith did recently say that Marvel Studios had plans for the character alongside rumors of Russell showing up in Moon Knight.

Ethan Hawke might be a little older, but could an interesting Jack Russell if that’s his character in the Moon Knight series. Something that has yet to be made officially by Marvel or the folks working on the show.

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