Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Film ‘Argyle’ Reportedly In Talks To Add Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell & Samuel L. Jackson

A while back, The Ronin first revealed that Matthew Vaughn’s (The King’s Man) next feature film would be using the working title Argyle along with confirmations that the film’s production team would consist of cinematographer George Richmond (Fantastic Beasts 3, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Rocketman, Eddie The Eagle) and production designer Daniel Taylor (Tetris).

I had recently been able to confirm production would be mainly taking place in the London area.

Well, now Observer is reporting that MARV Films is currently in talks to add Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World, Black Mirror, Spider-Man 3), Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2, Three Billboards, Jojo Rabbit, Moon), and Samuel L. Jackson (Captain Marvel, The Avengers, Secret Invasion, Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Bryce Dallas Howard is in talks to star in the lead role. Tricked into thinking she’s a writer, her lethal skills return with her memories, setting her down a path of revenge against the shadowy organization she used to work for, the Division. Also in talks to star are Sam Rockwell as a former Division agent and our heroine’s love interest, and Samuel L. Jackson as a rogue agent dedicated to exposing the corruption within the clandestine spy network.

However, the trio admittedly haven’t closed deals and might not ultimately join the pic but the likelihood is good.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Marvel series Secret Invasion will be filming in the United Kingdom and Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer is expected to appear as a key figure in Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars series as well (Hammer featured in the Marvel Comics source material). It’s worth mentioning that commitments to the those Marvel shows could possibly conflict with Argyle’s shooting schedule.

Giant Freaking Robot was the first outlet to report details on the film.

Vaughn’s latest film The King’s Man will be released by Disney in December and there are still expectations that Kingsman 3 will be shooting in the near future, wrapping up the Eggsy/Harry Hart trilogy.

THE KING’S MAN – As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency in The King’s Man.


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