‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’: Marvel Drops A Fantastic Full Trailer For Their Action-Packed Disney+ Series

Marvel Studios revealed a full trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier during the Super Bowl yesterday and it certainly revealed how action-focused the Disney+ series will be. Highlighting that Baron Zemo is indeed the big-bad of the show and is returning to his anti-superhero schemes. It’ll be interesting to see whatever villains are introduced in the show beyond the return of Batroc The Leaper.

We also see Bosch actress Amy Aquino seemingly in some therapist or case worker role.

Don Cheadle revealed he’ll be appearing as War Machine in the show before his solo series Armor Wars, but how big the cameo is hasn’t been revealed.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier will kick-off on Disney+ starting on March 19th.

Fans had been anticipating first looks at Shang-Chi and Eternals, but everyone was attempting to save money this year. Having Disney focus on next month releases such as Raya & The Last Dragon and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier made the most sense from a spending stand point. However, unless there is another delay for Shang-Chi we should be seeing some footage in the very near future for the summer flick.


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