Michael B. Jordan Won’t Say If He’ll Appear In ‘Black Panther 2’ But Keen On Returning To The Franchise

There have been multiple unconfirmed rumors that Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger would be returning for Black Panther 2, however, this has yet to be supported officially.

Michael B. Jordan today spoke with ABC’s Good Morning America while promoting his upcoming Amazon action flick Without Remorse. During his chat with the morning show, he was asked if he’d return for the sequel but wasn’t confirming his involvement while reaffirming a previous desire to return to the Black Panther franchise and Marvel Cinematic Universe if asked by the studio.

JORDAN: “I can’t say too much about that one, man. Honestly, with the year that we’ve had and the loss of a dear friend. They were figuring out whatever they need to do or what’s best for the franchise. They’re family, so if I ever have the opportunity to get back into that franchise, I would.”

Marvel Studios and Ryan Coolger have yet to reveal what their ultimate plan would be in the wake of the death of Chadwick Boseman, as Kevin Feige has repeatedly said they wouldn’t recast the T’Challa role or use a digital-double.

Fans have speculated the Multiverse could open the door to heroic (also alive) incarnation of Killmonger, allowing the character to take the franchise reigns from T’Challa. However, this is only a theory as characters such as Shuri and M’Baku have also been fan-favorites to take the mantle.

Coolger is developing multiple series for Marvel and Disney+ starting with one set within the Kingdom of Wakanda.

Production on Black Panther 2 is said to begin this June in Atlanta, Georgia with a release date of July 8th, 2022.


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