Report Claims “Significant Expansion” of ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Will Be Announced At Disney Investor Day Tomorrow

We’ve already heard from Deadline that Disney’s Investor Day 2020 event tomorrow will reveal a wave of new film/television projects from Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and Pixar.

The New York Times is echoing this sentiment and adds the following concerning potential Star Wars announcements.

A significant expansion of the Star Wars universe. 

Neither outlet are ready to give out specifics on what the announcements will be but there are plenty of candidates are known and unknown. We have a better idea what the Marvel Studios announcements will look like as a bunch of the films haven’t been announced officially.

Earlier in the week I did a rundown of upcoming live-action Star Wars projects that had been previously reported on that could highlight some potential contenders.

The main thing I’m expecting is Lucasfilm to announce the next wave of Star Wars shows for Disney+ which should include the Boba Fett series that Deadline reported is already filming. I’m sure fans are keeping their fingers-crossed that Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan will get their own spinoffs.

We still have two more episodes of The Mandalorian left and Jon Favreau confirmed they’re trying to get production started on Season 3 as soon as possible.


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