Set Photo From ‘Avatar’ Sequels Reveals New RDA Installation Called Bridgehead

The Avatar sequels are chugging along as Avatar 2 has completed live-action filming with Avatar 3 about to complete as well.

It’s official Twitter account has been posting random information and set photos revealing tidbits about the new movies including new military vehicles likely from RDA’s SpecOps. The latest one includes a science lab at a new RDA installation that will be called Bridgehead as they lost the other installation Hell’s Gate in the last film.

The evil corporation attempted to commit genocide against the native population of Pandora to secure their mining operation and likely will be more than a little upset when they return with extra forces.

Avatar 2 has new release date of December 16th, 2022 and Avatar 3 is set for December 20th, 2024. 


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