Jessica Henwick Says There Were “Light Discussions” For ‘Daughters of The Dragon’ Spinoff Series At Marvel Television/Netflix

Comic Book Movie was able to speak with Iron Fist actress Jessica Henwrick while promoting her upcoming film Love & Monsters revealing there were light talks from Marvel Television and Netflix about making a Daughters of The Dragon series featuring characters Colleen Wing and Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick) in their own superhero adventures. Something fans had been asking for since the characters showed up in Luke Cage and Iron First.

HENWICK: “There had been very light discussions about Daughters of the Dragon happening which I would have loved because working opposite Simone [Missick] was such a dream, and I think she’s so talented and perfect for the role.

“I do remember some very vague discussions, but you keep your fingers crossed and never know what’s going to happen in this industry. I’m just glad I got to play such an incredible arc with Colleen and I feel very happy that we ended on such a high note for her.”

Henwick is currently working on Matrix 4, where she is reportedly playing a Neo-type character in the new sequel.

With Marvel Television now under the purview of Kevin Feige and rebranded as Marvel TV Studios the relationship with Netflix has been severed, how or when Marvel will want to use the Netflix characters remains to be seen. It’s neat to know that Marvel Television was at least considering giving the Daughters of The Dragon their own show.


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