Robert Pattinson Reportedly Tests Positive For COVID-19 Halting Production On ‘The Batman’

Deadline recently confirmed a Daily Mail story that a crew member working on The Batman has tested positive placing the production on hiatus again.

Even more shocking is that Vanity Fair reports the person who tested positive is actually their lead star Robert Pattinson, who is playing Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the reboot.

Robert Pattinson has tested positive for the coronavirus, causing filming of The Batman to be halted just days after the superhero drama resumed work at studios outside of London.

This certainly puts into question the prevention tools the film industry has put so much faith in during the return to productions in the United Kingdom. I’m starting to think that if Pattinson can’t be protected others are just as open to infection, if not more.

Hopefully, Robert and others on the film remain in good health and spirits.

This news comes a day after action star Dwayne Johnson revealed himself and his family, including his two young daughters had tested positive for COVID-19 as well. Johnson revealed this on Instagram while reiterating how important wearing a mask is.

The Batman had previously stopped production back in March alongside a bulk of projects filming in England and had only recently started filming again.

Warner Bros. is coming off massive buzz for film after the release of the teaser trailer that spread like wildfire online.


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