Lord and Miller Producing Live-Action ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off Series ‘Silk’ For Sony – Amazon In Talks To Acquire It

Breaking news!

Variety reports that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to executive produce alongside Amy Pascal on a live-action series based on the Marvel Comics character Cindy Moon aka Silk, a character that is expected to be explored in future Spider-Verse films.

Adding that Lauren Moon may end up writing Silk and Amazon is in talks with Sony to acquire the Marvel series.

Cindy is a Korean-American superhero and would be a huge boost to the growing amount of diverse superheroes coming from the pages of Marvel Comics including Gemma Chan’s Sersi in Eternals and Simu Liu playing the martial arts spy Shang-Chi.

Having Lord and Miller involved could suggest they might eventually direct something live-action down the road.

Silk would be the first live-action Marvel series for Sony featuring characters from their Spider-Man rights roster. A feature film had once been reported but that seemingly hasn’t gone further than the early development stage if they’ve pivoted to a series instead.


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