‘Triple Frontier’s J.C Chandor In Talks To Direct ‘Kraven The Hunter’ For Sony

Deadline reports some active movement on their Spider-Man spinoff Kraven The Hunter as Sony Pictures is in talks with director J.C. Chandor for the comic book film. Chandor is best known for his thrillers A History of Violence and Triple Frontier.

The film’s script was penned by Richard Wenk, the writer of The Expendables 2 and The Equalizer.

Sony is also said to begin filming Spider-Man 3 in the winter. I wouldn’t be shocked if filming is bumped to 2021 and the release sometime in 2022.

Amy Pascal is producing Kraven The Hunter.

Who will end up playing Kraven is unknown and after the news of Olivia Wilde directing her own female-led spinoff (likely Spider-Woman) for Sony, the studio is really pushing forward with their splinter cinematic universe.

They’re also moving forward with a Madame Web movie directed by S.J. Clarkson alongside solo films in various stages of developing featuring characters such as Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Jackpot.

Next year will see the release of Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.


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