Director Olivia Wilde Confirms Attachment To Sony’s Marvel Film While Teasing ‘Spider-Woman’ – Will Marvel Studios Co-Produce?

Hours ago, Deadline first reported that Booksmart‘s Olivia Wilde would be directing and co-writing a new Spider-Man spinoff film at Sony Pictures. They claimed that sources believe it would focus on Spider-Woman best known as Jessica Drew.

Olivia Wilde has now confirmed this news on Twitter and added a spider emoji, suggesting that the Spider-Woman tidbit was indeed accurate.

Adding to the Spider-Woman thing is that Wilde didn’t correct actor Josh Gad when he brought-up the involvement of Marvel Studios and suddenly after the news Marvel dropped a piece to help inform people about Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman, the timing doesn’t seem to be an accident. The expectation here is that this could be another co-production between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, leading the latter being behind the production like with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Unlike with other Spider-Man characters that are getting spinoffs at Sony, Jessica Drew debuted in the pages of Marvel Spotlight #32 and 50 issues of her own solo series meaning she is fair game for Marvel Studios to use and is why there had been plenty of expectations of a co-production between Sony and Marvel.

Jessica Drew connects to multiple characters outside of Spider-Man as she was an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., the cosmic version of S.H.I.E.L.D. that will be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via WandaVision and Captain Marvel character Monica Rambeau.

Drew has origins with HYDRA brainwashing her to become Arachne and Ophelia Sarkissian aka Viper (Madame Hydra) pretended to be her birth mother.

There is an expectation that S.W.O.R.D. will have a sizable role in Nia DaCosta’s Captain Marvel 2, where we could first see Jessica if she is indeed being planned on being inserted into the MCU in a similar way to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was in Captain America: Civil War.

S.W.O.R.D. could also be carrying over to something like Ms. Marvel as well.

Then again, Spider-Woman would more likely be an origin film given how different it is compared to the various other “Spider-People” connected to Peter Parker.

When this project will begin shooting is a little unknown as Wilde is about to begin shooting her thriller Don’t Worry Darling this fall.

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