Tom Cruise/Doug Liman Movie Filming In Space May Land At Universal – Could Cost $200M+ To Make

Variety is reporting that Universal Pictures is currently in negotiations to distribute the untitled science fiction action film from director Doug Liman (American Made, Edge of Tomorrow) and starring Tom Cruise, the eye-grabbing gimmick of the film is that it will be shot in space something that really hasn’t been done with a studio blockbuster.

They mention that the budget could be over $200 million which is expected given that the costs involved with shooting in space, something that really hasn’t been undertaken when it comes to a narrative studio feature film. Cruise himself could end up earning something in the range of $30-60 million.

Details about the movie are scarce but it’s a given that it will be in the science fiction genre and we likely won’t get an official synopsis until an official deal is done.

Tom and Doug had also been trying to made a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem that will be happening anytime soon despite Liman’s optimistic statements made last year. Cruise is expected to resume filming on Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 for Paramount Pictures soon in the United Kingdom.

When they plan on shooting the untitled project is currently a mystery.


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