Rumor That Donald Glover Is Getting A ‘Lando’ Series On Disney+ Resurfaces

Ever since the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, there has been chatter about Donald Glover’s return as the charming Lando Calrissian in a future Star Wars project. It eventually led to a handful of rumors online suggesting that Donald Glover could be getting a Lando series on Disney+.  

Now, that Lando returning rumor is back with Noah Outlaw revealing on the Kessel Run Transmissions podcast that Glover is expected to lead his own Disney+ series reprising the beloved Star Wars character. 

You can watch below with a snippet posted by Noah on Twitter. 

The Kessel Run guys previously stated that Lucasfilm would be making a spinoff animated series focusing on the clone trooper unit The Bad Batch from The Clone Wars, which turned out to be accurate and was confirmed by Disney/Lucasfilm not too long ago in an official press release. 

This new tidbit is certainly far from official as Lucasfilm hasn’t made any announcements about Glover or Lando making a return but it’s worth considering for the time being. 

If this Lando series comes together it would be interesting to see what characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story would end up returning and if the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn would have a presence.


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