Marvel’s ‘Deadpool 3’ Confirmed To Shoot In The United Kingdom

Marvel Studios is getting ready to begin shooting their first big mutant project since landing the X-Men rights after the big merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox. With Deadpool 3 finally moving forward after early development back during the Fox era, we’ll get to see might be the end of the Singerverse and the third installment becoming the big swan-song with Hugh Jackman reprising the Wolverine one last time (before the main X-Men reboot at Marvel) with rumblings of other Singerverse actors possibly making their return too.

Back in October, The Ronin first learned that filming on Deadpool 3 would be taking place in the United Kingdom (a big pivot as the last two installments shot in Reynolds’ hometown of Vancouver) and this has now been confirmed via The Hollywood Reporter in an article about another upcoming project, Boy Band, as part of their breakdown of the actor’s upcoming filming schedule. Where they name London as the main location for Deadpool 3 as cameras are said to be gearing up to roll sometime in the spring.

Of course, there have been all sorts of theories of how Marvel Studios will ultimately bring Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson into the hardline MCU (616 Universe), but we’ll have to wait a bit for real confirmation about the film’s story. One of the more mysterious elements of the film is the casting of Emma Corrin (Nosferatu, The Crown) as the film’s unnamed villain.

Deadpool 3, which if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last five years has been confirmed to be getting an R-rating multiple times by everyone involved with the superhero pic and has a release date set for November 8, 2024. However, given how theatrical releases change all the time, it’s possible the project could be bumped into early 2025.

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