‘Deadpool 3’: Emma Corrin Tapped To Play Villain In MCU Sequel

While we’re excited to see what Marvel’s X-Men reboot will end up looking like, fans will have to wait a bit longer for that. Meanwhile, we’ll be exploring the Singerverse/Fox era one more time with Deadpool 3 (title subject to change) set to bring back not only Ryan Reynolds‘ Wade Wilson but the funny man was able to finally able coax Hugh Jackman out of Wolverine retirement to dawn the claws one more time. It’ll technically become the first official mutant film to release in theaters.

We finally have our first big new casting addition thanks to a report from Deadline. They have revealed that British actress Emma Corrin (The Crown) has been selected to play the sequel’s villain. There is an expectation that filming on the pic that will be helmed by Shawn Leavy (The Adam Project, Stranger Things) will take place in the United Kingdom.

However, there aren’t any character details being mentioned making hard to know for sure if Corrin is playing someone established in X-Men mythology or someone new. There are plenty of female villains that Corrin could be playing such as Spiral, Death, Raven/Mystique, Emma Frost, and Mister Sinister’s cohort Madelyne Prior aka The Goblin Queen. Then again, they could be attempting a new villain or a combination of them from the comics.

Deadpool 3 is officially set to be released on November 8, 2025 and has long been confirmed by Disney/Marvel it’ll indeed keep it’s R-rating, like the previous installments with have a heap of extreme violence and cussing. It’ll be the first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects to skew for more mature audiences.

Reynolds, a producer and creative force on the franchise, has officially welcomed Corrin to the Deadpool family with an public post on his Twitter account that you can see below.


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