‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Tapped For Horror-Centric ‘Swamp Thing’ Movie Based On Alan Moore Run

Earlier this week, the first wave of new DC Studios projects were finally announced and one of the more interesting standouts from that upcoming Gods & Monsters 2025-2027 slate included a horror film focused on the underrated DC Comics character, Swamp Thing. It really didn’t take long for a creative to be attached to the new comic book project.

We ended up seeing director James Mangold (Ford v Ferrari) tweet out a comic book image from Swamp Thing and led to co-CEO James Gunn to retweet that post. Only for the The Hollywood Reporter to reveal that Mangold was indeed in early talks to write/direct a new feature film remake. This news was a bit of surprise that it simply wasn’t mentioned in that big announcement from Tuesday, but neat none-the-less.

Mangold isn’t exactly known for his horror chops but has a fantastic library of pulpy credits which includes two comic book films with the Hugh Jackman-led pics The Wolverine and Logan. The two X-Men films certainly inspired by established comics but also were given a more origin spin by the filmmaker making them slightly more unique. He most recently worked with Lucasfilm’s final installment of the Indiana Jones franchise starring Harrison Ford with Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny that is due to be released this July.

Given that the we’re expected to play within the horror genre, we’re hopeful that Mangold will take cues from other body horror movies like The Thing and The Fly for inspiration.

Gunn also recently added on Twitter that the upcoming film will indeed be inspired by the Alan Moore run of the character. Previous comic book properties that have been adapted from Moore’s work consists of Watchmen, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V For Vendetta. However, the writer is well-known as being completely adverse to his source material being touched by Hollywood and likely won’t be supporting this project either.

Swamp Thing isn’t some new undiscovered property but certainly has had an odd go when it comes to live-action adaptations. The 1982 live-action film was written and directed by legendary horror director Wes Craven, that version led to a sequel, television show, and a cartoon series as well. It wouldn’t be until 2019 that producer James Wan (Aquaman) attempted a revival for the now dead DC Universe streaming service via his production company Atomic Monster after a version of Justice League Dark (that would have included the character) fell apart.


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