James Gunn Says ‘Superman: Legacy’ Is Inspired By ‘All-Star Superman’

I’ve been onboard the James Gunn train concerning his reboot of the Superman franchise and even going back to suggesting days before he was announced as overseeing DC Studios with partner Peter Safran that he should just make Man of Steel 2. While actor Henry Cavill is officially out as the DCU’s Superman, giving the character a new film is still very much a priority. We already know that Superman: Legacy is being written by Gunn and will likely begin shooting by next year as the release date of July 2025 would suggest.

Another nifty little tidbit has been revealed Gunn in a tweet (confirming as the studio head and screenwriter) that Superman: Legacy will be inspired by the Grant Morrison-penned comics, All-Star Superman. What exactly is being taking from those stories is unknown at the moment or could be simply being a tonal thing but it’s not that much of surprise given they used Frank Quitely’s artwork when the film was finally announced earlier in the week during the Gods & Monsters slate presentation.

The series revolves around Superman, who is dying due to overexposure to the Sun, as he accomplishes many heroic feats (The Twelve Labors of Superman) and attempts to make peace with the world before his imminent death.

There are also claims being made by The Hollywood Reporter that the new actor being looked at to play the new Clark Kent will be someone around 25 years of age. Although, don’t expect names announced anytime soon as Gunn has stated they won’t be looking at actors until he completes the superhero pic’s script. Interestingly enough, rumored “contender” Jacob Elordi is exactly 25 currently before his birthday in June.

A director hasn’t been officially announced, even though, there are good signs that Gunn could decide to do it himself as he only directs movies he writes. With a release date of July 11, 2025, Gunn and his team at DC Studios have plenty of time to figure out who is going to wear the boots and cape.


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