‘Barbarian’ Director Zach Cregger’s Next Film ‘Weapons’ Lands At New Line Cinema

One of the more interesting horror projects that got released last year was Zach Cregger’s Barbarian, without spoiling things it showcased the filmmaker’s great handling of the satirical horror film with plenty of misdirection and surprises that certainly kept audiences on their toes. Oddly enough, the filmmaker originally comes from the world of sketch comedy being a cast member on the television series The Whitest Kids You Know and has now reinvented himself as potentially the next Jordan Peele. There is finally word on what his feature will be despite a lack of plot details.

The popularity of Barbarian had led to a massive bidding war for his next project, titled Weapons. When the dust has settled, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Cregger landed a eight figure deal from New Line Cinema to write and direct. He’s also secured final cut on Weapons, backend participation, and the project has already been greenlit. All things considered to be a director’s dream when it comes to getting creative control over a film that will ultimately distributed by a major studio. We’re still waiting on what the film will exactly focus on but a synopsis is likely months away from being announced by anyone.

Also, it was mentioned in the report that if Weapons is a big hit for them they are said to be open to making Cregger a “significant horror voice” for Warner Bros. Discovery/New Line moving forward. Potentially mirror the deal that Peele secured with Universal after Get Out became a massive pulpy landmark in the horror genre leading him to easily have Us and Nope greenlit without a studio meddling with his vision for those films.

Speaking of Peele, according to reports from Deadline the director’s production company Monkeypaw with the help of Universal Pictures attempted to bid on the film but ultimately lost out to New Line when they offered $38 million to buy the pic which includes budget and fees. Universal reportedly offered $7 million less.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to learn more about Weapons.


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