‘Loki’ Director Kate Herron Announces She Won’t Be Involved With Season 2

This week, Marvel Studios finally confirmed their intentions to move forward with Season of Loki after the season finale ended on a Multiverse-shattering cliffhanger. However, not everyone will be returning for that second season as director Kate Herron has informed Deadline that she will not be returning and has seemingly exited the show.

“I’m not returning. I always planned to be just on for this and to be honest, season 2 wasn’t in the — that’s something that just came out and I’m so excited. I’m really happy to watch it as a fan next season, but I just think I’m so proud of what we did here and I’ve given it my all. I’m working on some other stuff yet to be announced,” Herron told Deadline in a recent interview about the end of the Loki series.

The director also said this about current plans to work with Marvel in the immediate future, “No, I’m just focused on my own stuff at the moment. I love Marvel and I’d love to work with them again, but my outing with Loki is what I’ve done with them.”

Kate Herron was a massive reason why Loki was such a fun experience and we’ll gladly follow her with whatever her future projects will be.

On a brighter side, head writer Michael Waldron is reportedly going to be still involved with Season 2 in some capacity and it’s expected the we’ll see a bulk of the cast return as well.

The Ronin caught word a while back that show would be filming something in the United Kingdom, but that didn’t end up happening and suggests that Season 2 might be moving location from Altanta to the London area. This still needs to be confirmed but it looks the United Kingdom might become a hub location for some of the Marvel/Disney+ shows as Secret Invasion is getting ready to shoot there in the very near future.


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