Marvel Studios Officially Confirms ‘Loki’ Season 2; Will Likely Shoot In London

Long before we even got our hands on the first footage for the Loki series, the project’s LLC (Limbo Productions I LLC) seemingly gave away the studio’s intention to pursue a second season this was supported by trade reports that head writer/series creator Michael Waldron would be involved in Season 2 alongside a Star Wars film that Kevin Feige would be producing for Lucasfilm.

Back in April, The Ronin caught word of something Loki related shooting in London. That seemingly didn’t happen and won’t be happening for some time, potentially next year. It was a possibility that Season 2 would be moving from Atlanta to London. A reason this makes sense is that a bulk of the cast including folks such as lead Tom Hiddleston and Loki’s director Kate Herron are British. After an extended production in Atlanta during the height of the pandemic, you could understand if there were requests to shift filming across the pond for Season 2.

We’re already going to see stuff like the Skrull event Disney+ series Secret Invasion primarily film in London,so, moving Loki there wouldn’t be that shocking.

While I won’t spoil any of the plot details of the Season 1 finale, the show ended without a stinger just confirmation from Marvel that Season 2 was officially a go. You can see the image above clearly stating this. The episode does leave on a cliffhanger and it’ll be interesting to see how many more seasons we’ll get beyond Season 2.

There is also an expectation that Ms. Marvel is getting a second season with production heading to the United Kingdom too.

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