‘Kill Bill 3’: Quentin Tarantino Would Cast Uma Thurman’s Daughter Maya Hawke As The Adult Version Of B.B.

There are heap of projects that Quentin Tarantino talks-up during interviews that will likely never see the light of day, one good example is his Vega Brothers film that was his white whale project that he would talk about that ultimately couldn’t be made because Michael Madsen and John Travolta aged-out of those roles decades ago.

Another one he consistently talks about is the fabled Kill Bill 3, set 20 years after the events of Kill Bill Vol.1 and Kill Bill Vol.2 that sees Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride and her daughter B.B. getting their own dose of revenge twisted upon them.

Quentin Tarantino has brought up Kill Bill 3 again while speaking with Joe Rogan to promote his new novelization of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (via The Playlist), mentioning that he would hire Uma Thurman’s real daughter to play the grown-up version of B.B. in the third movie. Actress Maya Hawke (Fear Street, Little Women, Once Upon At Time In Hollywood) having recently worked with Tarantino isn’t hard to imagine that would have been a good fit.

“I think it’s just revisiting the characters twenty years later and just imagining the Bride and her daughter, Bebe, having 20 years of peace, and then that peace is shattered,” he explained. “And not the Bride and Bebe are on the run and just the idea of being able to cast Uma [Thurman] and cast her daughter Maya [Hawke] in the thing would be fucking exciting,” Tarantino said.

Interestingly enough, the original B.B. actress from Kill Bill Vol. 2 does appear briefly in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, as Perla Haney-Jardine plays the girl that sells Cliff Booth the acid soaked joint.

Tarantino also mused about other potential characters that could appear, “Elle Driver is still out there, Sophie Fatale got her arm cut off, but she’s still out there. They all got Bill’s money. Actually, Gogo had a twin sister Shiaki and so her twin sister could show up.”

As far was we know, neither Kill Bill 3 or his hypothetical remake of Reservoir Dogs will actually be his tenth and final film. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if Tarantino decided to give these ideas a mini-series treatment similar to what he plans to do with his six-part Bounty Law series.


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