‘True Love’: Gemma Chan, Danny McBride & Benedict Wong Joining John David Washington In Original Sci-Fi Movie From ‘Godzilla’ & ‘Rogue One’ Director Gareth Edwards

British director Gareth Edwards is set to return to the sci-fi genre after helming films such as Monsters, Godzilla (Legendary’s first Monsterverse installment), and Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He’ll be writing and directing an original project titled True Love for New Regency and already has Tenet’s John David Washington attached as the film’s male lead.

There is news of a three more exciting additions to True Love’s cast, as Deadline says they’re in talks to have Gemma Chan (Humans, Captain Marvel, Eternals, Crazy Rich Asians), Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant, Eastbound & Down, This Is The End), and Benedict Wong (Prometheus, Doctor Strange, Annihilation, Sunshine, The Martian) take undisclosed roles in the secretive sci-fi flick.

Chan is playing Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals from Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao and the project will increase her profile with international audiences after briefly appearing in Captain Marvel before landing bigger MCU role, as Sersi is said to be the film’s main protagonist. We shouldn’t be shocked if Gemma Chan ends up playing the female lead opposite John David Washington.

Details on True Love is scarce but is going to take place in the near-future and I have to assume the title is alluding to a romance angle. It’ll be interesting to see if the film will have extensive special effects or slightly scaled-back than Edwards’ previous feature films. Gareth Edwards famously shot Rogue One for Lucasfilm only to have Tony Gilroy to come in at great expense to Disney as he rewrote and reshot multiple scenes, leading to Gilroy being tapped to oversee the Andor series (expected to get a second season) that stars Diego Luna as his Rebellion spy character Cassian Andor. Having more creative control will likely be important to the filmmaker and why it’s taken this long for Edwards to finally pick his next project.


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