Paramount’s New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Aiming For A 2023 Release Date According To Hasbro

Paramount Pictures and Hasbro are teaming up for a new feature film reboot of the Power Rangers, after Hasbro was able to get their hands on the rights from Saban alongside various stuff like My Pet Monster. The project won’t be continuation of the previous installment from Lionsgate and will likely see a new group of actors in the lead roles instead of having the previous lineup reprise their roles.

Jonathan Entwistle had been hired to direct the Power Rangers reboot, who is currently working on Lucasfilm’s Willow series that is filming in Wales and will debut on Disney+ sometime next year. He’s also apparently going to be involved in a Power Rangers series as well.

Well, it sounds like Hasbro has an idea of when Paramount might release the new movie.

What looks to be like an official press release from Hasbro for a Licensing Convention in Brazil (spotted on by fans on Twitter), briefly mentions that the next film will be released in 2023. The screenshot comes of the event’s website.

Here is a rough English translation.

Power Rangers is a global phenomenon! A unisex brand with more than 90% knowledge, present in over 180 countries since the 90s! With more than USD 10 billion in retail sales in the most diverse categories, Power Rangers has in its DNA a lot of Action, Emotion, Teamwork, Diversity and Humor! With a movie release planned for 2023, Power Rangers is a streaming success, with more than 26 seasons and 900 episodes available on Netflix and has a very active fan community with over 2.8 million followers on Facebook, 330,000 on Instagram and another 140,000 on Twitter! Its 29th season, called Dino Fury is ready to be released!

However, until Paramount Pictures adds the film to their 2023 release slate we should treat this as a rumor for the moment.


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