‘Alien’ Series Creator Noah Hawley Wanted To Watch Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’ Movie; “I Would Have Paid Money To See That”

There has been lots of fantastic artwork from Niell Blomkamp’s Alien 5 aka Red Harvest making the rounds online thanks to concept artist Geoffroy Thoorens (new concept art pictured above). It looks like the former Blomkamp project is getting some support from another creative working within the Alien franchise.

Deadline sat down with Fargo’s Noah Hawley and the subject of his new Alien series was brought up, but he wasn’t dishing details. However, when talking about the franchise’s legacy of directors, Noah mentioned that he wanted to have seen Neill Blomkamp’s unmade Alien 5 starring Sigourney Weaver in the Ellen Ripley role. A sequel that would have acted as a direct companion to James Cameron’s Aliens, resurrecting characters that died early on in David Fincher’s Alien 3.

“For five minutes Neill Blomkamp was going to make an Alien movie, I would have paid money to see that,” Hawley told Deadline during a video podcast chat.

As far as we know, Neill Blomkamp doesn’t have a desire to return after 20th Century Fox pulled-the-plug to make Ridley Scott’s lackluster Alien: Covenant. Scott has mentioned in previous interviews that he’s speaking with the studio about a third prequel film and is attached as a producer on the new streaming series led by Hawley.


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