‘Green Lantern’: Lee Toland Krieger Directing The First Two Episodes On The HBO Max Superhero Series

A couple days ago it was reported by The Direct that Lee Toland Krieger was attached to director episodes of the HBO Max series Green Lantern, the report was spot on as Deadline confirms the information, adding that Lee will helm the first two episodes of the mature DC Comics show.

Green Lantern will focus on multiple human members of the Green Lantern Corps. such as Finn Wittrock’s Guy Gardner, Jeremy Irvine’s Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Sinestro, and Kilowog. The group consists of a specially selected roster of space cops (mostly aliens) from across the universe that use green power rings to fight evil and that are recharged using a cosmic green lantern.

Lee isn’t a stranger to genre television previously directing episodes of Riverdale, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Deadly Class, Superman & Lois, and Shadow & Bone.

Warner Bros. released a live-action feature film built around Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in 2011, but trilogy plans quickly were squashed when the film failed to meet expectations and the needed box office earnings to move forward with sequels. Zack Snyder attempted to include John Stewart (played by Wayne T. Carr) at the end of the Snyder Cut version of Justice League but the scene was ultimately removed. The studio is said to be still planning to make their Green Lantern Corps. movie that has been in development stages for years now that reportedly will feature a two-hander with Jordan and Stewart as the main characters.


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