Dave Bautista Reveals A Conversation With Rian Johnson Led To A Role In ‘Knives Out 2’ – Excited To Work With Daniel Craig Again

Knives Out 2 is quickly becoming one of the most talked about upcoming films mainly due to the interesting casting choices made over the last week or so. Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig are returning for two more films with the next one set to begin shooting next month in Greece.

One of the big casting announcements was wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautistia, who had previously worked with Craig in Sam Mendes’ Spectre and is doing the press rounds to promote the Zack Snyder movie Army of The Dead. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Dave details what he thought was a regular conversation with the filmmaker that eventually turned into a role in the whodunit sequel.

BAUTISTA: “I knew that this was happening, but the first time I talked to Rian was more of a general conversation. So I had the conversation with him, and we talked about everything other than Knives Out. We talked about his background in film. We talked about my background in film. I was obviously a fan of his films, but I love the fact that he’s directed Breaking Bad. (Laughs.) So I really focused in on that, and I wanted to talk to him a little bit more about that. But it really was just a friendly conversation. And then after the conversation, he said, ‘Well, you know, I’ve got this script. I’d really like you to take a look at it and read for this part.’So I was kind of taken aback that way because I didn’t know where this was leading. I was just told, ‘Hey, Rian wants to talk to you.’ And I was like, ‘Fucking great. Rian Johnson wants to talk to me. That’s amazing.’ (Laughs.) So I was just excited about the call, but as far as I knew, he wasn’t calling me to talk about a film or offer me a part. It was just to have a conversation.

He also added how excited he is about working with Daniel Craig again as the atmosphere will likely be a lot more relaxing than when they shooting the high-budgeted James Bond film Spectre, a film he spent working on for eight months despite having a smaller role as Mr. Hinx than other members of the main cast.

BAUTISTA: “Yeah, that was his knee and my nose. I lost a nose and he lost a knee. Yes, I am excited to be working with Daniel again. And I’m excited that it will be in a much, much less stressful environment because being on a Bond film is just hard. It’s just stressful. It’s just long days. Logistically, it’s a nightmare. You’re just moving from country to country to country. It’s just a long and slow process. I think Spectre shot for almost a year. My role wasn’t extensive, but I was on the film for eight months. So it’s just a long, long process. But I think [Knives Out 2] is just a much more lighthearted film, and the environment that we’re shooting in is going to be beautiful, warm and sunny.”

The rest of the cast consists of Edward Norton (Fight Club, The Incredible Hulk, Rounders, Moonrise Kingdom), Kathryn Hahn (WandaVision, Step Brothers), and Janelle Monae (Hidden Figures, Moonlight). We’re expecting to keep seeing a drip-drop of names from trades until production starts.

Netflix has yet to give Knives Out 2 an official release date.


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