Andrew Garfield Denies ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Rumor In Two Different Interviews – “I Haven’t Received A Phone Call”

Coming off the heels of Tom Holland’s adamant denial earlier in the year that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire wouldn’t be returning to the roles of Spidey in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 actor Andrew Garfield has stepped-in himself to deny claims that he’ll be appearing in the Marvel Studios film during an interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

GARFIELD: “I don’t have anything to ruin, bro! I have to quickly just cut you off. There’s nothing to ruin! I’m just like ‘Guys, guys, guys… I wish I could just speak to everyone and just like ‘I recommend that you chill.”

If that wasn’t enough, Andrew spoke with Entertainment Tonight doubling-down on his denial.

GARFIELD: “I feel like I’m in a game of Werewolf and I’m just saying, ‘I’m not the werewolf, I am not the werewolf. I promise you guys, I’m not the werewolf!’. Listen, what people are talking about is a really cool idea. And again, I haven’t received a phone call, but, you know…”

“It’s not something I’ve really thought about because I closed the book on it for myself and I haven’t had to think about it. So it’s not something that I’ve really considered. So, yeah, that’s my honest answer.”

It’s worth mentioning that while this rumor of multiple Peters has been circulated far-and-wide online, none of the trade outlets have supported this information and neither were spotted on set as production is about to come to a close. I guess we’ll just wait for the hat-trick of denials once Tobey has something to promote and is asked about his involvement too.

I’m sure this is confusing to fans with Jamie Foxx playing Electro again or Alfred Molina confirming his return as Doctor Octopus, but I guess we’ll have to take Holland and Garfield at their word for the time being.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set for release on December 17, 2021.


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