Rumor About ‘Wolverine’ Series Coming To Disney+ Resurfaces

Back in 2019, there were rumblings that Marvel Studios was potentially considering an X-Men series for Disney+ that would include a faithful origin of a popular mutant character, the assumption was this could be Wolverine and his time in the Weapon X Program.

Well, it’s 2021 and the rumor has resurfaced over at That Hashtag Show. They’re adding that it’s in development at Marvel Studios taking an anthology angle and claim the first season will tackle Weapon X. The black ops weapons program that gives Logan his adamantium skeleton and claws could make for a compelling series.

However, we can exclusively share that Marvel is in early development on a series for Disney+. This series would be an anthology series based on the character of Wolverine. Since Wolverine is immortal and has a multitude of stories to tell, each season will focus on a particular story within the Wolverine mythos. Think like American Horror Story, where there’s a season long plot and then it resets. Only in this, you’ll have the center of Wolverine.

I’ve learned that while early in development, Marvel is aiming to adapt the famous Weapon X story arc for the first season.

Over the weekend, I mentioned in a feature article about Marvel rebooting/recasting the Wolverine role could lead to a Disney+ series as it would allow the studio to tackle multiple points in Logan’s life without overshadowing the new X-Men reboot film or other mutant team members. Covering things such as his service in WWII/Cold War, the Weapon X program, connections to Alpha Flight, fights with Hulk, and adventures in Japan/Madripoor.

Mark Ruffalo has talked-up multiple times his desire to see Wolverine and Hulk finally interact with each other, as Wolverine debuted in the pages of the Hulk comics before joining the X-Men. Ruffalo himself is going to be part of the cast of She-Hulk, another series on Disney+ that will focus on Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin Jennifer Walters.

Wolverine’s Weapon X origin was explored in the forgettable mess X-Men Origins: Wolverine and there was a second attempt with a more faithful version with an action sequence in X-Men: Apocalypse. A new definitive take on Weapon X set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be a good way to reintroduce the character to audiences alongside the new actor.

Marvel Studios is developing Deadpool 3 but haven’t officially announced any other plans for their mutant lineup or who is creatively involved with the X-Men reboot. The studio hasn’t chosen a new actor to play Wolverine which means we’ll have to wait for Marvel to confirm this is actually happening.

The fictional X-Men location Madripoor had been introduced in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, which has been a stomping-ground for Wolverine adventures and could be seen again in future X-Men projects. Outside of the Princess Bar making a cameo, it’s unlikely that Wolverine himself will be appearing in the final two episodes of the MCU series.

Logan was R-rated but normally the originally programming on Disney+ has been PG-13, which would suggest this wouldn’t be as violent as Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the popular mutant hero. Star has been recently added to Disney+ in various international markets allowing mature content from Hulu, FX, and 20th Century Studios to be streamed on the service that had been originally imagined for families.


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