Daniel Bruhl Comments On Baron Zemo Leading The Thunderbolts

With Daniel Bruhl reprising the role of Baron Zemo in Marvel’s The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, we’ve been extremely curious if we’ll see the villain end up taking a leadership role via The Thunderbolts. A super-team made up of Marvel villains and anti-heroes, led at one point by Zemo himself.

Speaking exclusively with our pals over at Espacio Marvelita, Daniel responded to a question about seeing Zemo leading the Thunderbolts. It sounds like Daniel doesn’t see Zemo as a team player and suggests that he’s too smart to take a leadership role.

(A rough translation of Spanish to English via Google)

BRUHL: “Obviously. And there is only one team, there is only one Team Zemo, there should be no other (laughs). No, I don’t know, what’s up. He’s a very smart and very manipulative guy, and that has always been a lot of fun for me. We must not trust Zemo at any time and to see where it will end up, it is not known. But the question of being a leader, is still too smart to be a leader, because leaders also always end, they end badly, so he is one of those characters who always continues to manage things behind the curtain. He’s a Machiavelli, it’s the book he’s reading in the series. And these guys always have a lot of power. It’s like in the past, the one who was always whispering into the king’s ear. He’s one of these guys you have to be very careful with.”

While I enjoyed Captain America: Civil War I didn’t find that incarnation of Daniel’s Zemo that terribly compelling or interesting. What we recently saw with Episode 3 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier was a fun and charismatic version of Zemo (how can you not love those dance moves?), someone I think we all want to see more of in the future. However, while there are plenty of signs that Marvel Studios is building up to an MCU version of The Thunderbolts it remains to be seen if Zemo will be ultimately part of that roster.

Zemo being allowed to develop into fixture of the MCU wouldn’t be terribly shocking with Loki and Bucky being given second chances to play the roles of heroes after being main villains in previous projects.

Episode 4 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier drops tomorrow on Disney+.


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