Wyatt Russell Auditioned For The Steve Rogers Role Over A Decade Ago Before Landing John Walker In ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’

In the early days of Marvel Studios, it wasn’t uncommon that a role like Steve Rogers aka Captain America went out to a huge amount of people to audition for it.

Folks such as John Krasinski (fan favorite to play Reed Richards), who at the time hadn’t made a film such as Michael Bay’s 13 Hours or taken over the Jack Ryan role for the Amazon series, but was known as simply Jim from The Office. Others that auditioned included Sebastian Stan, who would take on the Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier role. Stan wasn’t the only person give a second role in the MCU after attempting to play Captain America.

Well, Wyatt Russell admitted the other day to Good Morning America that he was also one of those many young actors who auditioned for the Rogers part over a decade ago. However, Russell ended up getting another super-soldier role in the MCU as he was selected to play John Walker aka U.S. Agent in their Disney+ series The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, being referred to in the show as the “new Captain America.”

Russell admitting it was his first Hollywood audition and that he clearly knew he wasn’t in the running to play Rogers. It was more about attempting the audition itself to see if acting was a good fit after his hockey career ended due to an injury. But when he was asked by Marvel to read for John Walker, he didn’t know what is was until he landed it.

We’ll have to wait and see see if Russell will play the role beyond the series but the chances are good.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier has four episodes left and will be released on Disney+ every Friday until it wraps-up.


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