‘The Flash’: ‘Band of Brothers’ Actor Ron Livingston Replaces Billy Crudup As Barry’s Father Henry Allen

There had been talk that Warner Bros. wasn’t able to secure Billy Crudup to reprise the role of Henry Allen, Barry’s father, in the upcoming solo film shooting in the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, it was revealed by Variety that the studio has landed on character actor Ron Livingston to replace Billy Crudup as Henry. Ron is likely best known for the Mike Judge comedy film Office Space and his supporting role in HBO’s beloved WWII series Band of Brothers.

Henry has been wrongfully convicted of killing his wife and Barry’s mother leading to Flash using his powers to go back in time to prevent her murder leading to the Flashpoint story. Barry changing the timeline and saving his mother leads to a disastrous future, think the Butterfly Effect. However, it sounds like the feature film version of Flashpoint is going to be different than the other versions of it.

Despite reports of Michael Keaton returning to play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the film, in a new interview with Deadline the actor suggested that COVID-19 in the UK and scheduling issues may end up preventing him from reprising the superhero role. It was exciting to see concept art from DC FanDome last summer that revealed bother Keaton and Ben Affleck incarnations of Batman were planned to appear in the film.

Sasha Calle had been previously announced as playing the film version of Supergirl, which could lead to her starring in her own solo film as the studio has been developing a Supergirl movie for a couple of years.


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