‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’: Elijah Richardson & ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Actor Tyler Dean Flores Confirmed For Roles By Talent Agency

After an IMDB listing was spotted months back that had young actor Elijah Richardson listed as Eli Bradley aka Patriot in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, the entry was quickly removed and left a question mark if he had actually joined the Marvel series.

Well, it looks like both Richardson and Tyler Dean Flores (The Dark Knight Rises) have both been confirmed officially by their talent agency CESD Talent Agency (spotted by The Direct). As they congratulated the two actors via Instagram stories as the series premiered on Friday. However, it’s unclear what their roles actually are while Richardson may in fact be playing Bradley that part hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

It’s interesting to see what other characters will be revealed as we now know that Danny Ramirez is playing Joaquin Torres aka Falcon (Sam’s military partner) and Erin Kellyman is playing Karli Morgenthau a female version of the villain Flag-Smasher in the terrorist group called The Flag Smashers.

There have been plenty of rumors since production kicked-off about other characters that could appear and sadly some fan speculation that is already mimicking WandaVision’s outlandish expectations for cameos/introductions. I wouldn’t hold your breath that we’ll be seeing Wolverine or some haphazard introduction of the X-Men, this stuff certainly echoes the Magneto/Reed Richards and X-Men reveal speculation from sites that only angered fans when they didn’t get them in the final episode of WandaVision. Keeping expectations realistic isn’t a terrible thing.

New episodes of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier are expected to keep releasing on Disney+ every Friday, with five more episodes to go.


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