Zack Snyder Originally Wanted To Use John Stewart’s Green Lantern In ‘Justice League’ But Settled On Martian Manhunter Instead

Director Zack Snyder had confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter this week that he had been dreaming about adding Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern to his cut of Justice League (now ready to stream on HBO Max). Further mentioning he wanted to a group of Lanterns that would have included Jordan.

SNYDER: “There was another idea I had for the Green Lantern that wasn’t Ryan, and so I thought that if we had gone down this path of Green Lantern, I would have had to have Ryan as the additional Lantern, filling out the Lantern Corps a little bit more than say just one Green Lantern.”

He names another Lantern he wanted to add.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Zack Snyder revealed that he originally wanted to use John Stewart, another version of Green Lantern, but wasn’t allowed by studio as they had other plans for him and instead settled on Martian Manhunter.

SNYDER: “We shot a version of this scene with Green Lantern, but the studio really fought me and said, ‘We really don’t want you to do Green Lantern,’ so I made a deal with them, and they let me do this [instead].”

Okay, but which Green Lantern did Snyder want to use?

SNYDER: “It would be John Stewart.They were like, ‘We have plans for John Stewart and we want to do our own announcement.’ So I said all right, I’ll give you that. So [Martian Manhunter] was the compromise.”

The studio ultimately didn’t use Stewart, as you might remember that Warner Bros. had attempted to make a Green Lantern Corps. movie but they decided to go with an HBO Max series. The streaming series will feature DC characters such as Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Alan Scott, Sinestro, and Kilowog.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is ready to watch depending where you live in the world.


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