‘John Wick’ Director Chad Stahelski Developing New Hybrid Action Movie ‘Classified’ – ‘Die Hard’ Meets ‘Indiana Jones’

Deadline reports that New Line Cinema has landed a new action movie, titled Classified, that will see John Wick’s Chad Shahelski attached to direct. A hybrid genre film that combines elements of isolated location similar to Die Hard with the dangerous relics of Indiana Jones.

It’s script will be penned by Andrew Deutschman and Jason Pagan, who previously worked on Project Almanac and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

The project is a high octane thriller that was shopped as Die Hard meets Indiana Jones. It is set inside a top secret government bunker, the kind that ends Raiders of the Lost Ark. That bunker contains relics covertly recovered during World War II, and they turn out to be more powerful and dangerous than ever imagined.

Chad is a busy bee, he recently helped consult on The Matrix 4 and is set to direct both John Wick: Chapter 4 and John Wick: Chapter 5 for Lionsgate. He had also been developing a reboot of the Highlander franchise and a car-centric action project for Paramount Pictures. Also, Stahelski is producing a spinoff film Ballerina directed by Len Wiseman, set within the world of John Wick’s hierarchy of assassins.


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