‘WandaVision’: Paul Bettany Regrets His Cameo Joke That May End Up Disappointing Fans


Tomorrow is the big finale of WandaVision and actor Paul Bettany seems to be coming clean about his cameo joke that went a little too far. As fans have been taking actors literally when speaking in various interviews with Paul Bettany setting up an actor he dreamed of working with and had “fireworks” on set with. Now, it’s looking like he was simply talking about working against himself and was sort of trolling with his comment. 

Here is what Paul originally said to the Lights Camera Barstool podcast that sparked fan theories.

BETTANY: “I work with this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with and we have fireworks together, the scenes are great and I think people are going to be really excited. I’ve always wanted to work with this guy and the scenes are pretty intense.”

Now, Bettany spoke with Good Morning America and revealed he was joking in a previous interview amping-up a cameo when he was talking about interacting with himself as we’ll see two versions of Bettany’s Vision in this upcoming episode. 

BETTANY: “You know, when you think something is going to be funny and you say it and actually panic about it? Which is what I did because fans started guessing who it might be and they were guessing people like Benedict Cumberbatch or Patrick Stewart. And I was thinking, ‘My God, that’s a good idea! They’re going to be so disappointed when they find out it’s me.’”

This wasn’t the first time an actor on WandaVision had sort of hyped-up a cameo as Monica Rambeau’s Teyonah Parris suggested the Aerospace Engineer reveal would be a big deal, leading to fans speculating endlessly with any assuming Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards or others would be showing up (based on nothing). However, that didn’t end up being as excited as the actress seemed to promise in those previous comments. 

Anyways, the final episode drops tomorrow on Disney+ and is said to lead directly into Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange Into The Multiverse of Madness (currently filming in England). 

Kevin Feige has stated that WandaVision currently doesn’t have plans for a second season. 


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