Marvel’s ‘X-Men’ Reboot Being Developed Under The Title ‘The Mutants’?

A new tidbit from The Illuminerdi suggests that Marvel Studios is going to be calling their X-Men reboot The Mutants. Something that had long been suspected because of the high-volume of female characters in the franchise and some calls that the studio somewhat ditch the “X-Men” name for the new big screen incarnation.

The Illuminerdi has learned of a Marvel Studios-led project produced by Marvel CCO Kevin Feige entitled, The Mutants. It’s currently being developed as a feature film and is intended to be a reboot of the X-Men franchise.

There has been speculation since the merger that Disney the studio could go with a gender neutral name for the franchise and seems fitting since most audiences know exactly what a mutant is along with the term’s association with the X-Men.

While the site is known for posting correct information it’s just a rumor for the moment as Disney hasn’t officially announced anything concerning their X-Men reboot. Names of writers or a director involved with the project weren’t mentioned, so its unclear what stage of development The Mutants actually is at this time.

Fantastic Four is expected to be the studio’s first big reboot of the former Fox franchises as they announced Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts would be tackling that next for them. Given the announcement back in December, we have to assume that Fantastic Four would be the first to go into production unless Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 (doesn’t have a director officially) jumps the line.


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