‘Spider-Man 3’ Cast Shares First Look Images & Three Possible Jokes Titles – Tom Holland Stays Mum On Jimmy Fallon

While they posted very real first look images from Spider-Man 3 on their Instagram accounts, the trio of cast members included what looked to be joke titles for the third installment which included Spider-Man: Phone Home (from Tom Holland), Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker (from Jacob Batalon), and Spider-Man: Home Slice (from Zendaya).

We still don’t know if any of the three titles are even real as Tom Holland didn’t elaborate on his late night appearance.

Despite fans hoping that Tom Holland would make an announcement concerning bringing back former Spider-Man actors or reveal the true title, the Spidey actor didn’t blab or say too much outside revealing he’s read the full script “from beginning to the end” while speaking with late night host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Holland is doubling-down on previous statements that if they are in the film Marvel Studios hasn’t shared the information with him, but in the new interview with Fallon adding that he’s read the entire script.

You can watch that exchange below.

Spider-Man 3 is still filming in Atlanta with a release date of December 17th set by Sony Pictures.


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