‘Fantastic Four’ Reportedly Doesn’t Even Have Screenwriters Let Alone A Script

Despite a dubious tabloid casting and production rumor that is making the rounds recently, Deadline’s Justin Kroll states on Twitter that the studio doesn’t even have a Fantastic Four script as Marvel Studios is only just starting to meet with screenwriters for the reboot from director Jon Watts (currently shooting Spider-Man 3 in Atlanta).

The film was only just announced to the public in December and the film’s director, Jon Watts, is still busy shooting Spider-Man 3. A rather large production that will still need to be edited and care given to the post-production process to be ready for it’s December 17th release date. With some basic logic/understanding on how movies are made the idea Fantastic Four is shooting anytime soon seems extremely ridiculous to present as sourced information, and with that busted the casting tidbit seems just as phony. You’d think fans and sites would have more common sense before spreading an obvious bunk rumor from notably unreliable tabloids.

I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what Marvel Studios and Jon Watts do with the Fantastic Four franchise but we’ll just have to be patient for real news on the project.

Watts will also deserve a bit of a breather after making a massive film like Spider-Man 3 during the pandemic Stateside and likely wouldn’t be interested in rushing into a second massive production without a little time to rest alongside the normal 5-6 months of prep needed for these MCU films.


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