Don Cheadle Reveals Appearance In ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Before His Own Spinoff Series ‘Armor Wars’

Don Cheadle has revealed on the Post-Credit Podcast that his Marvel character Rhodey aka War Machine will be showing up in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier series. How much or how many episodes wasn’t mentioned but Don will be getting his own spinoff show on Disney+ titled Armor Wars, which is expected to take cues from the comic book storyline of same name and could mean the return of Sam Rockwell‘s Justin Hammer.

CHEADLE: “That’s some of the fun of the MCU, that we all get to show up in each other’s stories, and there are ways that we’re cross-platforming these characters, and they become storylines, sometimes, in the movies. And then these storylines in the movies become storylines in the shows.”

“It’s really a fun and interesting and, by all imagination, completely open-ended — this can go anywhere. It’s great, I can’t wait to get in the room with the writers and figure out how all those things [connecting Armor Wars to the MCU] happen. You know, Rhodey shows up in Winter Soldier and Falcon’s show. So, it can be a lot.”

This could mean that Falcon might help plant seeds for Armor Wars.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier begins airing on Disney+ starting March 19th and it’s likely that Armor Wars won’t begin airing until sometime in 2022-2023.

Fans will have to keep their fingers-crossed for a full trailer this weekend.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities—and their patience—in Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The all-new series is directed by Kari Skogland; Malcolm Spellman is the head writer. Streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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