‘Buck Rogers’: Skydance Developing A Competing Movie As Legendary Is Hit With Legal Threats From Buck Rogers Estate

Deadline is reporting that Skydance Media is going to be making their own Buck Rogers project after there was news of Legendary hiring Brian K. Vaughn to write a new live-action series with George Clooney set to produce and possibly star as the titular Buck. This is certainly odd given that Legendary had announced it secured animation, film, and television rights to the sci-fi pulp hero.

But there seemingly have been ongoing legal issues and claims surrounding the property for ages.

Skydance is apparently developing a feature film with the Buck Rogers Estate sending a cease-and-desist letter to Legendary in the hopes of them nixing their projects claiming they’ve already signed away the property rights to Skydance. However, it doesn’t sound like Legendary is actually taking the threat of legal action seriously.

This isn’t the first or last time that a IP’s rights have been fought over.


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